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The gentle spring breeze, fresh and lively greenery, carries the story



In that spring breeze season, water seemed to be infused with infinite vitality and energy, presenting a intoxicating green color. That is a fresh and lively green, like a huge warm jade, spreading out on the earth. The spring water flows leisurely, with green waves rippling. The sparkling water sparkles with dreamy colors, as if it were the green ribbons dancing in nature. The weeping willows on the shore gently caress the water surface, as if intimately interacting with the green water. Each swing of the willow branches seems to compose a poetic melody for the agility of the water.

Squatting down, gently reaching out and touching the green water, a refreshing sensation instantly spread throughout the body, yet with a slight tenderness. The water slides down from the fingers and returns to the greenery, continuing to flow slowly towards the distance, carrying the story of spring and the hope of life. This green water, without the surging waves of the sea or the grandeur of waterfalls, has its own unique tranquility and peace. With that touch of green, it adorns the entire picture of spring.

On the distant water surface, there are occasional ripples, as fish play, adding a lively atmosphere to the green tranquility. Under the sunshine, through the green water, the light and shadow change, and it is breathtaking. Standing on the shore, gazing quietly at the green water of spring, as if the whole body and mind are enveloped in its tenderness and vitality, making people intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves, only wanting to forever immerse themselves in this poetic green water world.

The Green of Minhang Cultural Park, 21/3/2024
The river water in Minhang Cultural Park ripples with green waves, 21/3/2024
Several ripples formed on the water surface of Minhang Cultural Park, where fish were playing.
The Minhang Cultural Park is thriving in the grass.
The Minhang Cultural Park is thriving in the grass.
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