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Kids of Kalijodo

Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. Hello there sir, nice to meet you and welcome to my world

Kids of Kalijodo, photo essay by Johnny Kurniawan

Kalijodo, Jakarta. 2017

I took this picture of the children in Kalijodo playground (once was known for the place of prostitution and illegal casino, for now its become the place for skate park and play ground). I feel their happiness and suddenly remembering my childhood.


One of the reasons why adults want to go back to being a kid is, Play. The children’s world is filled by various games, in anytime and anywhere. In addition to schoolwork and exams, they have no burden and a heavy mind. The life goals of the children are simple, today is today, yesterday already past, and always ready for tomorrow. Remembered as a child, we, having an imagination that is beyond logic?

No long-lasting of sorrow, nevermind if they don’t have money, and full of laughter.

Amazingly, the little kids can play tirelessly, running from here to there endless here. Hopefully, the children in this era can continue to play happily ever after.

(by Johnny Kurniawan)

Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. Nice smile, lovely laugh. This kid try to climb the ramp
Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. Trust me they wasn’t gossiping their friend whose down there
Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. Give applause for this little ninja warrior.
Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. I win sir! i left my friends behind
Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. Hangout after school with best friends, never better.
Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017. Dont shot me sir, i am ashame.
Kalijodo,Jakarta-August 2017.

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Johnny Kurniawan

(1988), I am a marketing, a daily forex trader. Lived in Jakarta since i was born.

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