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Luz silenciosa

Luz silenciosa
Smorgon, Belarus – August 2018. Varvara under the waterfall

It is believed that in the first half of life a human-being goes up and rolls down in the second. It explains the ambiguous perception of time: when time is watching out for us and when we are watching out for it. All 10-year-old Varvara’s days are long, do not include any plans and there is the obey to the adults family members.

Varvara is interested in the cost of land in front of her parents home where the shelter is built in the trees.  “For what do you need it to know?”, “I wanna know in order to buy it and to live there with my husband or with dogs” – she has not decide yet.

The growth of a child can be observed as the creation of the universe. “Luz silenciosa” is Carlos Reygadas film where the silent celestial light is watching out for human aspirations and passions. Will the child rise in a new life up? Will the child build own world when will leave the parental home? In everyday fatalism and mysticism there is always the waiting for a miracle. This is the age of transition to another world, where the possession of responsibility and self-determination will take over.

Ostovets, Belarus – June 2018. Varvara swims in the lake
Smorgon, Belarus – September 2018. A hand in the window opening
Ostovets, Belarus – September 2018. Water lily roots in a lake
Ostovets, Belarus – July 2018. Varvara in the thicket of flowers
Smorgon, Belarus – September 2018. An apple tree
Smorgon, Belarus – August 2018. Varvara in the night garden
Smorgon, Belarus – September 2018. Varvara in the fetal position
Smorgon, Belarus – September 2018. Varvara in the barn
Smorgon, Belarus – August 2018. Varvara runs in the rain
Ostovets, Belarus – September 2018. Varvara near campfire in the garden
Smorgon, Belarus – August 2018. Handrails of Flooded Stairs
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Sviatlana Stankevich

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