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Leslie Searles | Radiografias

Untitle 01 Lima 2013
[I] started this project in the National Institute of Child Health in Lima Peru, the only hospital in the country dedicate to the children health care. I decided to work in the area of traumatology where the use of X Rays are fundamental to cure the children.
Superimposing the children X-rays on their faces it brings to the same plane their inner dimension, hidden to the ordinary eye.

In these portraits, the x-ray prints their corporal expressions with traces of pain and reconstruction histories inside their bodies, still forming.
The composed images reveal a more complex and mysterious reality, other than the one we are able to perceive at simply looking at their bodies. These images symbolized the inner power that their children faces hide from us.

Untitle 02 Lima 2013
Untitle 03, Lima 2013
Untitle 4 Lima 2013
Untitle 09 Lima 2013
Untitle 05 Lima 2013
Untitle 06 Lima 2013
Untitle 07 Lima 2013
Untitle 08 Lima 2013

Q&A with Leslie Searles

Photography is…

Photography is my link with reality and life. It is how I explore and express myself. It has the power of unveiling things.

Photography and writing…

Photography and writing are both a very strong way of communication. I think they can stand on their own, but sometimes they can work together to strengthen the meaning and vision of things.

Who left the biggest impression on you?

It’s difficult for me to mention just one person that has impressed me. The great thing about life is that is an open path that changes with you, and along with it you meet people and experience situations that influenced you.

leslieLeslie Searles (www.lesliesearles.blogspot.com), Arequipa 1978. I have a degree in Media with a Major in Cinema, granted by the University of Lima and a degree in Photography conferred by the London College of Communication. In 2006 I received a scholarship to participate in Reflexions Masterclass. I was runner-up in Photo España Ojo de Pez Human Values Award. In 2013 I took part in Representaciones Latin American Contemporary Photography in Photo España 2013.

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Leslie Searles

She has a degree in Media with a Major in Cinema, granted by Lima University and a degree in Photography conferred by The London… More »

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