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Kampung Aquarium Nowadays

Jakarta, August 2017. Kampung Aquarium seen from the front

Kampung Aquarium Nowadays, photo essay by Ade Andryani

[T]his project is a series of photos I took in the Luar Batang area, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. The area is usually called the Kampung Aquarium, catch my first attention when I came to this place. Last year this area was affected by eviction (April 2016), and right now occupied again by some residents by building emergency tents, semi-permanent houses, public toilets, to houses of worship such as mosques.
The buildings look increasingly chaotic because it was erected on the ruins of buildings that had previously been flattened to the ground, and some even set up on the sea with a wooden board.

Although only the triplex roof boards are vulnerable to leak, even collapsed when the rain comes, plus difficulty of getting clean water, they continue to struggle every day to survive. Seen citizens activity still running as usual and the children were playing with cheerful.

Even though, I still hope they get helps and attention especially from the government, so they will get a better life.

(by Ade Andryani)

Jakarta, August 2017. There is submarine murals
Jakarta, August 2017. There is fish murals
Jakarta, August 2017. Difficult to get clean water
Jakarta, August 2017. A mother and her swan’s
Jakarta, August 2017. Walled tent’s
Jakarta, August 2017. Not worthed to living in
Jakarta, August 2017. Little girl with her school bags
Jakarta, August 2017. The kids playing cheerful
Jakarta, August 2017. The kids on front their home
Jakarta, August 2017. are gathering and talking
Jakarta, August 2017. Fishing on the sea


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Ade Andryani

Born in Jakarta, November 1993. Ade Andryani is an amateur photographer from Indonesia. Already finishing her Bachelor of Pharmacy. Interested to observed all things… More »

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