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I look at the streets. I look at them

Paris, France – April 2016

I look at the streets. I look at them, photo essay by Varvara Shinkarenko

[I] actually never thought I could become so interested and impressed by a human face. But over time my photography has become more and more portrait photography. Meeting different people in very different places: flea markets, horse fairs, pubs, in the streets of different cities, different countries, changing, first of all, my inner world.

People trust you by letting themselves to be in front of your camera, to be the part of your memory and it’s really a beautiful feeling of appreciation to me.

Brussels, Belgium – June 2017
Brussels, Belgium – May 2017
Brussels, Belgium – July 2017
Cork, Ireland – August 2016
Brussels, Belgium – August 2017
Brussels, Belgium – March 2017
Cork, Ireland – July 2016
Brussels, Belgium – August 2017
Brussels, Belgium – June 2017

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Varvara Shinkarenko

(1983), I’m a self-taught photographer, originally coming from Russia. I’m not a great talker, so trying to explain and express the way I see the world around me through the lens. I really love what I’m doing. It’s a great antidepressant. It keeps my head clear and fills it with something really good…

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