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Photo Exhibition

Build and Destroy – David De Beyter

Auto Sculpture I, 2015. © David De Beyter
Auto Sculpture I, 2015. © David De Beyter

Photo exhibition: Build and Destroy – David De Beyter
Venue: Centre Photographique d’Île-de-France, Pontault-Combault, France
from 09-10-2016 to 18-12-2016, Wed – Fri : 1pm to 6pm
Weekends : 2pm to 6pm
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The Centre Photographique d’Île-de-France is pleased to present Build and Destroy, the third part of David De Beyter’s Big Bangers exhibition series. David De Beyter is a young artist whose research, solidly grounded in the history of art, focuses on landscapes. He studies and records places that are often isolated and abandoned, finding traces of utopian architectural constructions that were ‘futuristic’ in their time, but which have now become part of history.
His approach, viewpoints and the high technical precision of his photos confer an enigmatic and fantastic character upon these real-life locations.
With Big Bangers, David De Beyter adds a more anthropological approach to his usual topological one in an exhibition for which he has broadened the scope of his expression to encompass film, installations and sculpture, in addition to photography.
Films lie at the very heart of this exhibition that focuses on ‘big bangers’, i.e. a sport, derived from autocross that is very popular in the North of France. It consists in violently crashing vehicles to create a ‘good crash’, whose only purpose and motivation lies in the spectacle of destruction and the contemplation of what remains afterwards: the wreck, or according to the term favoured by fans in this community, an ‘auto-sculpture’.
David De Beyter was born in Roubaix in 1985. He works and lives in Tourcoing.

Submitted by Marine Boutroue

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