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Photo Exhibition

Les Précipités #3

Sans titre (foudre), série Phénomènes. © Marina Gadonneix
Sans titre (foudre), série Phénomènes. © Marina Gadonneix

Photo exhibition: Les Précipités #3
Venue: Centre Photographique d’Île-de-France, Pontault-Combault, France
from 31-08-2016 to 15-09-2016, Wed – Fri : 1pm to 6pm • Weekends : 2pm to 6pm
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To mark the third edition of the Les Précipités experimental programme, Marina Gadonneix, Marie Quéau and Silvana Reggiardo present the work they produced during the 2015-2016 post-production workshop.

Entre la plume et le marteau

Marina Gadonneix & Marie Quéau
To what extent can fiction be used to understand the inexplicable and how can it be portrayed?
By combining the results of their research in this joint exhibition, the two artists have linked together their investigations into the results of ongoing processes: simulating natural phenomena in the laboratory as far as Marina Gadonneix is concerned and humanity’s necessary departure from planet Earth for Marie Quéau.

Effet de seuil

Silvana Reggiardo
Silvana Reggiardo’s playground is to be found in the glass facades of urban architecture, in their reflections, effects of depth and varying transparency and ever-changing lighting. Her photos never reveal everything at first glance as she explores the limits of the image by disturbing the spectator’s visual perception with a constant movement between abstraction and description.

Submitted by Marine Boutroue

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