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Bangalore, India

Complex-city, photo essay by Arindam Thokder

Metro cities in India have a distinct characteristic, busy, chaotic and complex in nature. Being raised in a small town from North-east part of India, my initial reaction was overwhelming to the vastness of the big city, the skyscrapers, hoardings, the traffic and the number of people who left home to chase their urban dream just like me. I started roaming in the streets of Bangalore, which is better known as IT Capital of India and started capturing this complex nature of the city on my camera.

Bangalore, India – May 2016 – Picture near Russell Market, one of the very old market in Bangalore, built in 1927 by the British

Bangalore, India - April 2014 - Newly Built Metro Line in Bangalore near a mall in M G Road

Bangalore, India - Dec 2014 - Crowd outside St. Mary's Basilica Church on the Christmas eve

Bangalore, India - April 2014 - Newly Built Metro Line in Bangalore

After aimlessly roaming in the city for couple of years, I started realizing the other side of this big city, I started discovering beauty in the most mundane situation – the colorful nature of the street, the hide and seek of light and shadow through the concretes, the lines and shapes that come together, the unintentional juxtaposition that bring smile and the dream on the eyes of a migrated small town boy like I had many years back. (by Arindam Thokder)

Bangalore, India - Feb 2015- An old man throwing meat peices to crows and feeding them

Bangalore, India - Sep 2013 - A Gold Jewellery shop in Bangalore

Bangalore, India - April 2014 - A funny juxtapose on a road side shop

Bangalore, India - May 2015 - Traffic in the city where cows, bike, ricksaw share the road

Bangalore, India - March 2013 - A migrated man from the village work as a securoty guard in a multinational shop

Bangalore, India - April 2014 - Another migrated man juxtapose with a huge poster of a hero of indian Movie

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