Journey in Tokyo

Journey in Tokyo, photo essay by Jougla Manu

Journey in Tokyo is an urban wandering, an attempt to capture something of the soul Tokyoite. Walking for hours, sometimes until the exhaustion, in streets, alleys and others avenues of this sprawling town. But it is also a way to confront me with my fantasies, with all that I was able to imagine when I dived into books evoking this place (the babies of the left-luggage lockers of Ryu Murakami or Tokyo year zero of David Peace), when I admired the images of Daido Moriyama or when I spent hours to look at movies which took place in this city. A protean magma, of ideas, visions and desires which I accepted, cultivated and took with me to measure the pavement Tokyoïte, to swallow me in its basement and to lose me in the maze of its subway or to raise me in the immense towers which seem to have escaped from Blade Runner. With my old argentic device in the panoramic size (horizon 202), I looked relentlessly for a small plot of land of the soul, the loci genius, the megalopolis, Tokyo, unrivalled. (Jougla Manu)

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