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TOKYO, JAPAN - October 2015. Party goer dressed as Star Wars' character takes selfie.

Halloween in Shibuya Tokyo

The Japanese concept of harmony is a strong social element typically involving conforming to a social group which in the case of Halloween is demonstrated…


Tokyo, Japan - October 2015 - Night of Tokyo

Journey in Tokyo

Journey in Tokyo is an urban wandering, an attempt to capture something of the soul Tokyoite. Walking for hours, sometimes until the exhaustion, in streets, alleys and others avenues of this sprawling town.


© Alain Laboile "La Famille"

Alain Laboile “La Famille”

« Day to day I create an intimate family album that documents the freedom of childhood among six siblings “at the edge of the world” in rural France. » (Alain Laboile)

Nobuyoshi Araki ‘Kirishin’

Following the series ‘Aisetsu’ and ‘Sagan no Koi’ (Love on the Left Eye), Kirishin is Araki’s latest series to emerge from work based on “destruction” and “reconstruction”…

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