PhotoEssays Online

PRIVATE is currently accepting submissions for its next projects, please find here the instructions and the guidelines.

In this Photo essays online gallery, we will publish some of the photo essays than we will not be able to include in PRIVATE magazine.


My Dad Had a Stroke

I photographed my father occasionally but since he is in the hospital, I have picked my old analog camera Nikon FE, and started to document his struggles and progress.


Broken Poems

A private journal about memories and existence. These photographs found me during the last years as I was questioning myself a lot what photography itself represents to me today, after all these years.


Tramonti Emozionali

filamenti ramificati casualmente, dimenticano la superficie e la materia… si innalzano verso il cielo! I tramonti si espandono nell'aria… riflettono la loro anima nel mare.



I had talked about Iran to many people and they had always told me that (even if they had never been to Iran!) they knew that Iranian people were amazing. Well, it's true.