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Photo Essays

Photo essay: a form of visual storytelling, a way to present a narrative through a series of images.
We accept any theme, any subject. Although our preference is for stories that need to be told.
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  • My homeland has only one name: peace

    I didn't know this part of my family history. It resonates all the more in me since I live in Saxony.

  • The Lijiang River

    Overall, the Li River is renowned for its charming natural landscape and unique geographical features. The scenery is magnificent with alternating mountains and rivers.

  • On the road

    No one has the ability to divine the future, and Cassandra was not too popular and beloved by her fellow citizens…

  • Barrio Escondido

    Not far from the travelling routes, in the city centre of Ushuaia (Argentina), more than a thousand families have found a shelter among the trees in the area of El Escondido.

  • Afreen

    Confined to a small, urban room in a typical Indian city, a young girl navigates her personal sense of beauty.

  • Crime Scene

    Oppression and internal emigration where even the sky is a crime scene. Isolated hopelessness. Mourning for peace and an elusive ray of hope. In this photo series, I aimed to express my emotions about the past year and a half…

  • Tango Magical Atmosphere

    Several couples of dance enthusiasts had gathered to dance in that lonely, abandoned place.

  • Unmissable objects

    This images have in common that they do not tell a story, but only hint at it, and no one will ever know these stories, least of all the photographer.

  • Wanderland

    Before being a photographer, I used to walk a lot. I walked for years on the streets of Lille, the city where I grew up.

  • Looking a little sideways

    My personal way of relating to the images I see and reproduce photographically is a bit more transversal in the choice of subjects…

  • Rejected items in a second life

    If we consider a photo as a slice of reality, I want this slice to be as surreal as life itself can be.

  • Immobility. Postcards from an almost abstract place

    For some time now I have been feeling a sense of leaden stillness pervading our lives; here and elsewhere in our part of the world…

  • Anzali Doodkhane

    The smoking process, a balance between tradition and technique, is a testament to the cultural heritage of this region.

  • The razor blades

    Are we always aware of the sharp aspects of our existence? Or have we adapted to the protruding angles that, day after day, corrupt our lives?

  • Hellenic divertissement on the theme of Hades

    Images, between classical reminiscences and a pleasantly scrappy modernity, joking about the theme of Hades.

  • Blind(fold) chess

    A person plays without seeing the board and announces their moves verbally. The chess games for visually impaired happen like that.

  • “Roots”, the essence of modern parenthood

    My ongoing project delves into the complex realm of modern parenthood, aiming to meditate on and examine its essence while exploring its underlying driving forces.

  • Stories from the War

    I have been documenting Russia’s war against Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. For me, every photo has its own story.

  • Nouveau Terrain

    “Nouveau Terrain” is a disquieting photography series visually contemplating current vast political turbulence in Israel.

  • Bangladesh’s Battle Against Climate Change

    Bangladesh's fight against climate change underscores a universal challenge. The nation stands as a testament to the immediate need for global action.

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