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Photo essay: a form of visual storytelling, a way to present a narrative through a series of images.
We accept any theme, any subject. Although our preference is for stories that need to be told.
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  • 12 August 2022, 11.50

    The images are part of the “clouds” project, a project that I started in July 2019 and that I have developed in several series (images and videos). Clouds are a subject that has always fascinated me; they are something that…

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  • In Lusaka’s Matero Compound, Poverty Is the Main Barrier to Education

    Although education is a basic human right, UNICEF estimates that in Zambia at least 800,000 children are out of school. The majority of them come from households living in extreme poverty, in slum-like settlements such as the Matero compound located…

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  • Real and metaphorical sunsets

    Sunset even before being a particular moment of the day is a metaphor.In literature as in the figurative arts, it is associated with the decline and end (of the day, of light, of life), with the transition from light to…

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  • Women’s glances in … around

    Wandering around the corners of Greece, I unconsciously captured with my lens mainly women’s looks. I’m not looking to find the “folklore“, the kerchief, but the look. This is what attracts me and I want to capture it with my…

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  • Komi Kino, the opportunity to join the art of cinema

    Komi Kino is the only film distribution organization in the Republic of Komi in Syktyvkar (Russia), which enables people in the towns and most remote settlements to have the opportunity to join the art of cinema and see the old…

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  • Surreal squares

    Slightly surreal atmospheres are the theme of this short collection of images of places or people, collected mainly in Rome, but not only, almost all of them during this year. A year, like the two that preceded it, that is…

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  • Illusions

    The only sound I can hear in Zirou Lake is the rustling of the leaves falling into the water. An absolute stillness on the surface of the lake, not letting me realize where the material is and where the reflection,…

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  • Guca trumpet Festival

    The Guca trumpet festival, world renowned and ancient annual brass band festival started 1961 in the small village of Guca, in Serbia, gathers today hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world to the sound of Balkan music.…

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  • Something inappropriate behind the back

    Often there are things behind our backs that we are not aware of: the gaze of a stranger, rather than a background that contrasts with the idea of us that we would like to convey, or something else vaguely unexpected…

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  • Dussehra Festival at Kulasai Mutharamman Temple

    A unique grand Dussehra festival is celebrated at Kulasekharapatnam (Kulasai), a remote coastal village near Tiruchendur town in Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu. A 300 years old Mutharamman temple resides in the village where a massive Dussehra celebration takes place…

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  • Aagomoni

    The Bhowanipore Mitra Bari Durga Puja, was originally started by the late Narsingha Mitra in 1757 at Nilgopal Mitra Lane with ten prominent hands as is prevalent in many Goddess Durga idols. However, in 1892 the late Subodh Chandra Mitter…

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  • Tribute to the breaks

    Stopping for a moment, taking a break, the images I present here share this theme in different keys; whether one elaborates on it in a slightly playful sense, with tenderness or with irony, it alludes to a fundamental human capacity:…

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  • War in Ukraine

    I’ve seen a lot of wars, but not all of them have had such a clear aggressor and victim. Not every one was as transparently black and white as this Ukrainian one is.

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  • The city in suspense

    In these worrying twenties, events are happening one after the other that leave us disturbed and bewildered.It is not worth listing them: they have been, and are, there for all to see. What I would like to try to convey,…

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  • On the Titanic’s deck: puzzled conviviality

    Most human beings like to eat and drink, especially in company, and conviviality is one of the joys of life that people are less willing to give up, even in difficult conditions.

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  • Marine cemetery

    This series owes its name to the reading of The Marine Cemetery, a poem by the French poet Paul Valéry. The photographs were taken in the Gothic Cemetery of Comillas (Cantabria), located in front of the sea. As in Valéry’s…

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  • Fragment of “weltanschauung”: statuesque and incongruent

    Roma Italy The city where I live is full of sculptures of all kinds, in museums, buildings and squares: pompous representations of heroes or marvellous masterpieces accumulated over three thousand years of history, statues carried in processions, copies of famous…

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  • Making the much out of the little: a programme

    Extracting the maximum from the minimum could be an oxymoron, an operational agenda in the field of photography, or more generally a wise way to cope with the travails of these prolific times.

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  • In India’s Buddhist-Majority Leh, Muslims Mark Ashura

    As Muslims worldwide observed Ashura on Tuesday 9 August, a procession took place also in India’s predominantly Buddhist Leh.

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  • Displaced

    Displaced is a disquieting photography series visually contemplating unjustified hostile activity leading to population displacement. This is usually the consequence of war turmoil or a natural disaster.

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