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Dear Japanese

In the Netherlands, there are Japanese-Dutch children born of war. Over 70 years after the end of WW2, they are still living in the shadows of the war.



ZONA plunges deeply into the unconscious by visually giving form to recurrent dreams and explorations on interior landscapes.

PhotoEssays Online

Journey in Tokyo

Journey in Tokyo is an urban wandering, an attempt to capture something of the soul Tokyoite. Walking for hours, sometimes until the exhaustion, in streets, alleys and others avenues of this sprawling town.

News & Events

Osaka salaryman

One of the many 'salarymen' that you can see in all major cities in Japan. Because of the long working hours (13 hours a day, 6 days per week) many fall sleep on the subway train when returning home late in the evening, often between 9 and 10pm.

PhotoEssays Online

A modest resistance in flux of space-time

eye050, Selected from my album ‘Thinking Eyeball'. 2010. Tokyo, Japan. A modest resistance in flux of space-time, photo essay by Osamu Jinguji My current work is not the result of simply taking photos. It is to excise a precise cross-section of all times, spaces and emotions flowing in parallel with...


Matteo Allegro | Tsukiji Market

Located in central Tokyo it is for sure one of the most interesting spots in the city, offering to the visitors an authentic overview of how huge and serious the fish business actually is in Japan.


Felipe Casaca | Affections

Tokyo, Japan - May 2012. Portrait of Toshihito with his reproduction of the 'starry night'. Intimate Visions… → ‘Affections’ documents the persons who have had an impact on me during the time I lived in Tokyo. My wife Teresa, my friends, and others with their personal stories – they are...

Photo exhibition

Tadashi Ono

La galerie VivoEquidem présente du 22 mars au 31 mai les photographies de Tadashi Ono prises entre le 247ème et le 341ème jour le long du littoral japonais ravagé par le tsunami du 11 mars 2011.

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