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Laurent Baheux | Africa

Caravan, Giraffes, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Laurent Baheux

AFRICA is a testimonial about all endangered species of the black continent. Laurent chooses to develop a collection of portraits and scenes of the life of the animals like a family album. With a new approach in traditional nature photography, Laurent tries to capture the humanity and personality of each animal with deep black and high contrasts. He enters their daily lives, simple and tender, original and sensitive, away from the bustle of men. Tight shots or misaligned, noise or grain, he explores all ways with the only requirement to magnify its subject than to represent him. His portraits of wildlife is inspired by the masters of photography like Peter Beard, Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson and honors the traditional canons of portraitists such as the famous Parisian Studio Harcourt or the photographer Richard Avedon.

Dust explosion, Elephant, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Exodus of elephants, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Giraffe in the bush, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Hide and seek, Hippo, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Lion in the grass, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Lion in the wind, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Magic horn, Rhino, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Need of tenderness, baby elephants, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Race in savannah, zebras, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Reticulated giraffe, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux
Rhinos quartet, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux

Q&A with Laurent Baheux

Photography is…
A way of life. At the beginning of my carrier, I worked as sports redactor and I should take pictures for illustrating my reports. I never thought of becoming a professional photographer. Things are done simply, naturally with passion and tenacity. I started my experience in international sporting events and, since 2002, I work on wildlife, nature and landscape photo. Africa was my first destination because there is where live the biggest mammals of the world. I am impressive about their strength, their rough, their majesty and paradoxicaly their big fragility in a world where men feel superior.

Photography and writing…
… is the same thing. Each one tells a story. The first one by using words and the second by using images. For sure, I prefer to tell a story with black and white photos, light & shadow… I try to express all the beauty I see in wildlife because we need to protect it. Animals are precious and it is important to leave them most than small territories. It is not only for them; it is for us too. So we must share this planet with others species…

Who left the biggest impression on you?
The masters of black and white photography as Richard Avedon, Peter Beard or Sebastião Salgado.

Tell us a little about yourself
Photography is my job but first it’s a lifetime passion. I couldn’t live without… When I take photos, I forget time. I forget minutes, hours and days. I can spend all day photographing without effort. I know I’m lucky and I hope this adventure never stops.

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Laurent Baheux

French self taught photographer, Laurent Baheux was born in Poitiers in 1970. He discovered photography when he was sport redactor for a local daily… More »

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