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In the Moscow residential area of Moskvorechye-Saburovo, next to the polymetals plant, there is a burial site for radioactive and chemical waste. It is a forest slope located on the Bank of the Moskva River. In 2019, the city authorities first reported planning to build part of the South-Eastern highway on this burial site territory.

Scientists, environmentalists, and some residents opposed this project. They began to conduct independent soil studies, trying to convince the government and the public that constructing a highway in the affected area could release dangerous radioactive waste into the airspace. The authorities acknowledged the presence of minor (much less than real indicators) radioactive contamination. They carried out a surface cleaning of the slope, but environmentalists said that the burial site territory is still unsafe. In July 2020, the construction of the highway began.

As a resident of the Moskvorechye-Saburovo district, this story forced me to rush between emotional denial and pure facts that made me realize that the problem exists.

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Dmitry Pechurin

Dmitry Pechurin (b.1992) is a photographer and visual artist. Lives and works in Moscow. He has a physics degree. He studied at the Moscow… More »

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