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Laurent Baheux | Africa

With a new approach in traditional nature photography, Laurent tries to capture the humanity and personality of each animal with deep black and high contrasts… (photo essay by Laurent Baheux)

Lyle Owerko, PRIVATE 54
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Lyle Owerko | The Samburu

There are many stories about the ancient history and exact origin of the Samburu – sometimes referred to as ‘The Butterfly People’. The events of their beginnings have been passed along orally through the ages…

Ross McDonnell, PRIVATE 54
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Ross McDonnell | Turkana. Cultures of change

Ross McDonnell, Turkana. Cultures of change. PRIVATE 54, p. 66-67 Buy PRIVATE 54 hese images document, from a cultural perspective, the impact of climate change on the tribal communities of the Turkana people of Northwestern Kenya. The Turkana are pastoralist communities and are among the many indigenous cultures subjected to...