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Wall of Dolls



Wall of Dolls, “The Wall of Dolls” against femicide, was inaugurated on Saturday 21 June 2014 in Milan, in via De Amicis 2, on the initiative of Jo Squillo. It is a permanent installation that takes up an Indian tradition whereby every time a woman suffers violence, a doll is posted on the door of her house. Anyone has the opportunity to go to the “Wall” and hang up his doll, as a testimony to the fight against violence against women.

Stylists, Artists, Associations, Journalists, Lawyers, Doctors, citizens … all contributed to the creation of “Wall of Dolls”, which over the years has expanded, becoming a permanent symbol of the city and duplicating itself at the Casa delle Arti Alda Merini . But not only: “The Wall of Dolls” today is also in Rome, Genoa, Venice and in many other Italian cities: a strong message, a necessary creative action against gender violence to make it less and less socially acceptable.

This is the wall of Trieste, with the curator Elisabetta Maresio, a psychologist who works every day to ensure that every single violence can be extinguished, beyond every wall of silence.
This is my language, my point of view and Elisabetta seen by me.


Lorenzo Cerbone

I like to tell stories. Mine too. I always ask myself, taking a photo, what my vision of the world is, and what I portray. Without excuses, but with my point of view. Good or bad it is.

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