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Filippo Mutani | 7.9 – Earthquake aftermath

Filippo Mutani (7.9 - Earthquake aftermath)
PRIVATE 45, p. 66-69, Filippo Mutani (7.9 – Earthquake aftermath)

Filippo Mutani, 7.9 – Earthquake aftermath, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question

These images were taken 5 days after a 7.9 degree earthquake that devastated the Peruvian coast and buried more than 500 bodies. The country now needs to look ahead. In the provinces of Ica and Pisco the situation is alarming. Temporary homes must be provided for the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their homes.

They need protection from the harsh winter; and from attacks by thieves. There is also an urgent need to distribute food and drinkable water, to avoid illness and epidemics. More than US $38 million in humanitarian aid has been sent to the area from the international community. But now the Peruvian people are in desperate need for more permanent solutions.

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