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Ethical question

  • Invisibility in plain sight

    There are people who sometimes by choice or much more often by a series of misfortunes and adversities find themselves losing everything and living as outcasts, homeless and without income, a borderline existence on the streets of the city. In…

  • Tribute to the breaks

    Stopping for a moment, taking a break, the images I present here share this theme in different keys; whether one elaborates on it in a slightly playful sense, with tenderness or with irony, it alludes to a fundamental human capacity:…

  • The city in suspense

    In these worrying twenties, events are happening one after the other that leave us disturbed and bewildered.It is not worth listing them: they have been, and are, there for all to see. What I would like to try to convey,…

  • On the Titanic’s deck: puzzled conviviality

    Most human beings like to eat and drink, especially in company, and conviviality is one of the joys of life that people are less willing to give up, even in difficult conditions.

  • Marine cemetery

    This series owes its name to the reading of The Marine Cemetery, a poem by the French poet Paul ValĂ©ry. The photographs were taken in the Gothic Cemetery of Comillas (Cantabria), located in front of the sea. As in ValĂ©ry’s…

  • Displaced

    Displaced is a disquieting photography series visually contemplating unjustified hostile activity leading to population displacement. This is usually the consequence of war turmoil or a natural disaster.

  • A flower cannot hide violence

    Ferrara Italy In Italy, every year millions of mimosas are donated for women‘s Day and many beautiful words are said to celebrate this day; the media shows female soldiers, female airliners pilots, female managers of important companies, ministers, presidents, etc.…

  • Wall of Dolls

    Wall of Dolls is a permanent installation that takes up an Indian tradition whereby every time a woman suffers violence, a doll is posted on the door of her house.

  • BabaJaga

    In female shamanism, women reclaim their vital energy from the sanctity of nature with their innate intuition and instinct.

  • Life in creativity

    You can't just live. You definitely need a creative approach to everything. This gives wings behind the back.

  • Out of the shell

    Series of self-portraits combined with stories about my ways to escape from reality deeper in the trap.

  • Korean Dreams

    Korean Dreams series documents life in North Korea using a darkroom method that blurs the images over multiple layers.

  • Shame

    The idea of SHAME, is a kind of a personal confession, an imaginary, symbolic mirror that reflects fears, desires, fantasies, nightmares, memories.

  • Kisses in the Square, the universal Love

    The project wants to highlight how love has neither age nor gender. I chose couples who loves and I photographed them in different squares of Catania, among the people.

  • The human fence

    Do walls contribute to a sense of insecurity as much as they assuage fears and create a sense of security for those 'behind the line'? Exactly what kind of security is associated with border walls?

  • Cambio di destinazione d’uso

    Sulla SS9, comunemente chiamata via Emilia di giorno e di notte, la storia si ripete sempre uguale...

  • The women of argan

    The strong will of the 32 women who make up the community, allows to contrast every day, cultural restrictions of their country and the adversities of nature… (photo essay by Marco Marucci)

  • Laurent Baheux | Africa

    With a new approach in traditional nature photography, Laurent tries to capture the humanity and personality of each animal with deep black and high contrasts… (photo essay by Laurent Baheux)

  • Jayati Saha | Home of Hope

    Whenever I went out on the street of this metropolis that I have been living in for the last 30 years, one thing that always made me feel helpless and depressed…

  • Megaliths!

    The megaliths are indelible marks of our shared history! They are enthroned in our land for thousands of years and have been silent witnesses of our human passions…

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