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How did I sleep?

How did I sleep?

Badly, as far as Gaza is from here, I could hear the cries from children without limbs, without fud, without parents. I could hear the roar of jets, helicopters, and missiles destroying their homes, their temples, their hospitals, and their hope.

Some say it’s war, it’s revenge, it’s defense.

I say, It’s murder! It’s the murder of innocent children, it’s the murder of hope. The people in the kibbutz and the people from Gaza are my brothers and sisters, the children from Gaza and the kibbutz are my children, please, stop.

No more triumph of brutality over humanity.

Carlos Ponce Melendez, Concerned.
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Carlos Ponce Melendez

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez poems have appeared in The Dreamcatcher, The Poet, Voices Along the River, Desahogate, Small Brushes, The Texas Observer, El Angel, Celebrate, several… More »

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