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Without sugar – diabetes during pregnancy



I always loved sweets, I ate them without restrictions. I even learned how to cook desserts myself. Best of all, chocolate biscuits with a delicate cheese cream and a berry layer, which gave a sourness: a variety of taste and no cloying. Sugar served not only as a sweetener, but also gave the necessary texture to the product. Therefore, I had no prejudices about the danger of white crystals, and I considered all the videos and articles about the danger of sugar far-fetched.

During my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Now, in order to keep my glucose level normal, I have to follow a diet for nine months. There are many restrictions in it, but the main thing is a complete rejection of sugar and wheat flour.

And here I am, an adept of the confectionery art, left without sweets. It was as if I had run into something that I had always considered as forced, something that people do only for the sake of fashion (there were no thoughts about nutrition for diabetes at that time). My “I would never ” turned into “it should be so”. At the very least, it taught me not to judge others and not to swear off. The range of bakeries and pastry shops for me was reduced to one or two products at best, or even to zero. The same applies to sweet fruits and berries.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia – may 2021

At home, I tried to cook something from rye and buckwheat flour with sweeteners, but the taste and appearance of such products is strange, boring, as if not real. A forced diet for the benefit of the future child is not such an expensive price for health.

But when I, the future mother, imagined meringues on the snow, I decided that I wanted to share “unsweetened” experience through photos.

Leningrad region, Russia – april 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – april 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – may 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – april 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – may 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – april 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – may 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – may 2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – may 2021

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Dasha Nasedkina

Dasha Nasedkina, a photographer from St. Petersburg. I took up photography seriously in 2017. At first I took pictures of nature, flowers, food, but soon I realized that I was most interested in working with people and making self-portraits. I studied photography at the School of Academic Photography in St. Petersburg and took master classes and author's courses with professionals.

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