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Learning sheet music




She was a diligent student. Studying was easy: with equal success she could call herself both a technician and a humanitarian. The gold medal fell through for hitherto unknown reasons.
Usually got to the music school by bus, watching the brick four-story buildings of the “social city”. The school was located in the center, so all routes from the Chemical Plant were suitable.
Six years, year after year: autumn, winter, spring, summer – piano, solfeggio, choir…
After graduation She didn’t play anymore. The home instrument was sold “for inexpensive” to the next “lucky”. The notes flew! The diploma found its place somewhere with mother or grandmother. The question was closed.
Although no… for some time she was tormented by nightmares on the subject of exams, and a couple of decades later, the questions “about it” received an exhaustive answer: “You did not complain!”.

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