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Carlos Ponce Melendez

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez poems have appeared in The Dreamcatcher, The Poet, Voices Along the River, Desahogate, Small Brushes, The Texas Observer, El Angel, Celebrate, several anthologies and numerous Spanish magazines. He also teaches creative writing at schools and community centers.

How did I sleep?

How did I sleep? Badly, as far as Gaza is from here, I could hear the cries from children without…

Short stories

Perverse calories

As Troy Warriors, perverse calorieshide inside aromatic chocolates with horsey figures,bleeding stakes, unlucky lobsters, and pedigree wines. It’s a plot…


If you are like me

Looking for similar human beings


A useless absence

My father died 62 years ago and I still feel his absence.


Poems to Alzheimer’s

As a tribute to all the people who suffers this terrible illness, and to all the people who have a…


Lo que yo sé es que no sé nada

Viviendo en el futuro, tratando de evitar contratiempos, Joel convirtió su vida en una pesadilla. Siempre pensando que hacer en…


It’s me

It hurts to be in love / We don’t choose the creature we fall in love with / a combination…

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