A Beautiful Day

A beautiful day
It was a beautiful day
That was spent talking and laughing
Sharing our stories and why they are important
A beautiful day together just spending time
To refresh our soul and free our mind
It was a clear blue sky
I watched out for that high
The sun was shining at its peak
It had so many wishful things to seek
Because I had a wonderful friend
Who made sure that my mood did not bend
And I put my heart out when I say
It was a beautiful day
And the smile you saw upon my face
Is the gift I gave it to you
If it makes you smile as you read this
Then, you have got a gift,
You can give it too

Smile – a beautiful curve

Shilpa Sachdeva

I consider myself as life skills educator and storyteller who empower teachers, educators and change makers leverage storytelling. Using the power of stories, I help teachers accelerate their Diversity & Inclusion journey and build a culture of Innovation. I work with children in any form of creative arts and learning method, that gives me a scope to learn from them, while sharing my knowledge

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