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The city at a minimum, looking through a magnifying glass

Having one’s own personal vision of the city, especially of a city like Rome, is not an easy thing.
One has to contend with centuries of images, not only photographic, with myriads of cheap postcards or sublime representations, and with one’s own tiredness and difficulty in finding ideas and subjects even slightly different from the usual.

Vacancy. Rome, Via Giustiniani, November 8th 2023.

In the series I am presenting here, I have tried to use a kind of magnifying glass, something that would alter the proportions in the urban context of certain small, unimportant details.

I have thus tried to give them weight and compactness within the series, and to identify each of them as the point at which a patina of normality, which I perceive as more apparent than real, shatters into a wacky story with no conclusion like a sardonic grin.

In this way, the following images represent, to use this rhetorical figure of speech as an analogy, a synecdoche (the part for the whole) in a discourse on my personal perception of the City.

Indefinite object. Rome, Via degli Ombrellari, January 25th 2024.
Polyphemus. Rome, Via Crescenzio, December 2nd 2023.
At the end of the ladder. Rome, Via Crescenzio, December 14th 2023.
Alembic in Via dei Tre Pupazzi. Rome, Via dei Tre Pupazzi, January 18th 2024.
Wall scarab. Rome, Via del Corallo, January 10th 2024.
Even paracarriers feel cold. Rome, Largo dei Lombardi, January 15th 2024.
Bicycle parking area. Rome, Viale Giulio Cesare, January 9th 2024.
Chair and pigeon, why? Rome, Piazza del Santo Uffizio, December 29th 2023.
The photographer’s shadow looking for ants: a selfportrait. Roma, Via Silla, January 13th 2024.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


  1. Pietro Coppa has the rare gift to catch the essence of a City such as Rome even in a small detail

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