In good memory of George Floyd.

21st century, we live in strange times. With so much information and culture available 24 hours, Internet, libraries, museums, exibitions, etc., we were all supposed to be educated, progressive and tolerant. Instead, horrible things still happening.

The news about the murder of George Floyd, is a real tragedy. I don’t understand one thing: why do we discuss this in a context of a skin color? Is that what really matters?
On my photograph I’m showing my daughter’s doll – a dark-skinned mermaid in the hands of a white Barbie.

We teach our children important values since they are young. We teach them to love animals, to look after yourself, do not offend the weak. When my family is buying toys, we never make a choice by skin color or by race. So the question is: at what point does a breakdown of consciousness occur? Who drilling in our heads that size XL is bad? Or to be different from everyone else is bad?
I think everyone should stop and think and even make step back to your own childhood, just come back at times without prejudice and pressure from the media. And answer honestly to yourself – at what point something went wrong? I sincerely grieving about the loss of George Floyd, and it doesn’t matter to me the color of his skin.

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