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Russia,Moscow-region- Khimki-June 2020.Portal.

Do you remember how bold and big were your dreams when you was young? I bet that each of us were dreaming of flying to the stars. The endless expanses of the universe could not leave anyone indifferent. As a child I spent whole days building my spaceship. And when I urgently needed another part, I ran to my neighbour Anton, who was a member of School Amateur Radio Club that time and that’s why I thought he could get any part for my ship. I was imagining how I would become the first child who show to the world that everything in our life depends only on us. And I was 100% sure that I had everything for this. You might say how naive. But in my dreams I flew! I had my best travels in the Universe. Not a single book could give me as many worlds as I created myself.

Years passed, l had grown up, toys and details have changed of course, but I did not stop dreaming and creating new worlds. My fantasy still takes me away to the most hidden corners of the Universe. Planets, galaxies, other civilisations … Whoever has ever gone that far will never stop dreaming.

Russia,Moscow-region-Khimki-June 2020.Way.
Russia,Moscow-May 2020. Moon.
Russia,Moscow-June 2020. From really, really high up, like outer space.
Russia,Moscow-July 2020.Walking on the moon.
Russia,Moscow-July 2020. х 100 zoom.
Russia,Moscow-July 2020.The most exciting process of exploring new worlds.
Russia,Moscow-March 2020.
Russia,Moscow-region-June 2020.Exit.
Russia,Moscow-October 2019.My fantasy calls me further, are you with me?
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