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Russia,Moscow-region- Khimki-June 2020.Portal.

Do you remember how bold and big were your dreams when you was young? I bet that each of us were dreaming of flying to the stars. The endless expanses of the universe could not leave anyone indifferent. As a child I spent whole days building my spaceship. And when I urgently needed another part, I ran to my neighbour Anton, who was a member of School Amateur Radio Club that time and that’s why I thought he could get any part for my ship. I was imagining how I would become the first child who show to the world that everything in our life depends only on us. And I was 100% sure that I had everything for this. You might say how naive. But in my dreams I flew! I had my best travels in the Universe. Not a single book could give me as many worlds as I created myself.

Years passed, l had grown up, toys and details have changed of course, but I did not stop dreaming and creating new worlds. My fantasy still takes me away to the most hidden corners of the Universe. Planets, galaxies, other civilisations … Whoever has ever gone that far will never stop dreaming.

Russia,Moscow-region-Khimki-June 2020.Way.
Russia,Moscow-May 2020. Moon.
Russia,Moscow-June 2020. From really, really high up, like outer space.
Russia,Moscow-July 2020.Walking on the moon.
Russia,Moscow-July 2020. х 100 zoom.
Russia,Moscow-July 2020.The most exciting process of exploring new worlds.
Russia,Moscow-March 2020.
Russia,Moscow-region-June 2020.Exit.
Russia,Moscow-October 2019.My fantasy calls me further, are you with me?
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Eugenia Ostroumova

For me, photography is a living organism. The higher our cultural code is, the higher the quality of fine art becomes. The stories that I tell through photography make me completely immersed in the process. My job is to look at the world, or the problem, or the subject from the side that no one noticed.

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