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The cycle of darkness



We know education is the light. Education is the path to freedom. Some are do not want to get education with all the facilities, on the other hand some are want education but can’t get. Yes, we talking about the slums children.

There are more than 5000 slums in the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka. And there are more than 30 lakh people lives in these slums. But it goes without saying that there are no schools in the slums for education. May be there are one or two schools of different NGO’s. If there is a school so what? Thinking about their children’s hunger parents forget about their education.

The daily income of slums families is only $1 or little more. So the children of slums not only deprived from the education also deprived from human fundamental rights. Parents involve their children in various job to alleviate the lack of family and most jobs are risky. Not only for poverty but their parents are uneducated so they don’t think much about their children’s education. In this way, slum dwellers remain uneducated from generation to generation. So they are no longer free from their misery. Besides, they will involve in various crimes. This is how their life goes on.In a word, their future is dark. And this darkness works as a cycle on them.

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Saqlain Rizve

Saqlain Rizve (2001) is a passionate photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who love to take landscape, street, nature, portrait and people lifestyle in his… More »

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