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The sound of color

Green sound

Have you ever listened to the sounds of color? Or their smells? It is through this series of photos that you can feel the sounds of color. This is very interesting! Each color has its own! And each person has a different color has its own sound and smell. It is in blurry photos that this is felt acutely. Everyone sees their own and perceives the world through this prism.

Reflection of the blue color
Smell of color
Transparent white
Incredible dreams
Visible colors
The search expression
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Zoya Malhova

My photography is based on the concept of nature, time and how it is present in our daily life. The driving force of my work is an interest in all living things, people, their lives, their past. I am interested in how the world and life around us are changing. My work is a constant search for the best way to convey the atmosphere in which I find myself. Every photo I create is a link between the past and the present, a reflection of my skills and experience. If you stop for a moment to look at my work and reflect on the photo that I created, then I did not come all this way for nothing.

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