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Remember everything


Everything has started at the end of 2019. I can’t tell that I had a fear but that was eerie. News about Chinese province Wuhan didn’t leave the top lines of Russian publications. We’ve spent New Year’s Eve like usually. President wishes, year results and of course holidays. Beginning from February many of people started avoiding each other. It seemed that pandemic news took the minds of 90% of the population. Fake news inflated scandals despite the nervous situation in the capital by itself. Those who has ever visited Moscow knows – Moscow never sleeps.

Moscow, Russia-December 2019.Beginning. Time began to freeze.

March 30, 2020 Quarantine announced

I think that was scary for everybody. The city which never sleeps stopped. Looking at the window, I didn’t see neither people nor cars. Grey days added drama to the situation. All attention was focused on the news.

April 2020 I only see the paramedics cars which was coming to the yellow building in front.

A few times I was attacked by the fear and panic. I thought we are all going to die.

At that moment I decided to gather and remember everything…

Whatever we do we can’t pretend that everything is the same.

Moscow, Russia-December 2019.Dead silence.

May 2020 – weakening quarantine measures. Unbridled fear is leaving.

June 2020 I took the car and went to downtown. I wanted to see millions of cars and life we had before the pandemic. Unfortunately, no. Silent deserted streets. Empty public transport, circling on its route and silence. I was dizzy. I didn’t want to take the reality. I need the city. My city which never sleeps.

The pictures are made in downtown near remarkable places of the capital. But the pictures are blurry. Imagine a see or a city or a person. We will not see it 100% clear. We will see it like that. Making photos from the window of my car I was not able to “remember everything”

Moscow, Russia – January 2019.People started avoiding each other.
Moscow, Russia – June 2019. Memories of the streets.
Moscow, Russia – June 2019. Тhe elusive reality.
Moscow, Russia – June 2019. Memory.
Moscow, Russia -June 2019. View of the sculpture «worker and collective farmer».
Moscow, Russia – June 2019. In waiting. Overlooking “Stalinka”.
Moscow, Russia – June 2019. Kremlin wall.
Moscow,Russia-June 2019.Prince Vladimir. A story that came to life.
Moscow, Russia -June 2019. Belief in God.
Moscow, Russia – June 2019. Stay home…
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  1. This is amazing project! It’s very personal and emotional and this is the reason why its so touching. Many of us especially from big cities have this experience of not able to “remember everything”.
    Great job! congratulations!

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