Unseen Dhaka (in COVID-19 Pandemic)

Farmgate bus stop, one of the busiest bus stop in Dhaka city.

Due to novel corona virus attack in Bangladesh, the whole country was facing months long lock down to prevent COVID-19 pandemic. Public transports, offices, educational institutes, markets almost everything was closed or in full restriction to operate. Most busiest streets, public gathering places, public transport zone, monuments were empty. People stayed at their home and only went outside for emergency purposes. No office, no school, no gathering, no games so many no made this city so empty.

This situation took the city people back to the old time and old memories. It felt like haunted sometimes, sometimes an unknown city to us. Streets were empty of chaos, joy, sorrow, a complete mess sometimes. This empty city also showed us the real beauty of its own but in a mute tone. Despite that, it also created hunger, poverty for day to day earning people, lower middle class and middle class people. This was the documentation some of those states of affairs of Dhaka city which has rarely seen before by the city dwellers.

Kamalapur Railway station, one of the largest and busiest train station of the country which never sleeps.
Another busy road near Motijheel commercial area where the street people lives in the temporary polythene houses.
Central Shaheed Minar, situated inside the Dhaka University area beside the Dhaka Medical College & Hospital. This area is always full of students gathering and most common visiting place for different genre of people and popular in different cultural, political and social activities and events.
One of the busiest road of Dhaka beside Karwan bazar which is always full of traffic jam and people gathering.
TSC of Dhaka University, which is famous to students and city people for cultural events and regular gathering. This area is always full of life and joy until late night.
One of the busiest foot over bridge of Airport area in Dhaka where walking through it is always challenging.
Rampura Badda road the another busy road the city with full of traffic in normal time.
Dhaka Moymensing highway road near beside airport where traffic jam and public gathering at any time of the day and night is he most usual part of life in normal time.
Under the Mohakhali flyover, where the street, shops, footpath are always busy and full of transport and people.