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Year 2020 has shown us how illusionary our world is.

The century of high technologies, of great human minds came shorthanded when faced with Other powers.

Hard times came. Times, when everyone is locked up in their own houses, when normal activities are not so normal for us anymore, when we are simply deprived of those, as we are deprived of the precious time with family and loved ones.

Times, when no plans can be made, when Other powers dictate what we should do instead, and life feels like an endless movie, with us all being more actors in it.

Now are the times when our mental masks became physical and are worn on our faces. Times, when gadgets became essential for communicating and education. Times, when life feels and tastes different.

Long times.
What is this challenge given, to us for?
Who are we going to be when we come out of this?
Those questions have no answers, however one thing I know for sure, we will be different.

France, Antibes – 2020

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Olga Alekseeva

Olga Alekseeva, born 1975 in Saint Petersburg. Since 2019, I live between two countries, Russia and France. Education: 2020, intensive color course Marusina workshop,… More »

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