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Erik Messori | The Silence Of Chernobyl

[T]he most terrible technological accident of human history knows: Chernobyl, once an unknown place in the rich land of the Ukraine. Now a single chilling word that still casts a dark shadow of death and contamination. Twenty-five years after the disaster that struck Europe, the tragedy continues. Many people live in villages close to the nuclear plant in conditions at the edge of human survival. The damage is still very much in evidence. Everywhere, in this area called THE ZONE, there is the burdensome heritage of disaster and everything still remain in total silence. The Chernobyl accident generated unknown victims by effects; it is impossible to know how many people dead for the consequences. The issue of long-term effects of Chernobyl disaster on civilians is controversial. Over 300,000 people were resettled because of the accident; millions lived and continue to live in the contaminated area. On the other hand, most of those affected received relatively low doses of radiation, there is little evidence of increased mortality – cancers or birth defects among them – and, when such evidence is present, existence of a causal link to radioactive contamination is uncertain.

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