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Erik Messori (www.erikmessori.com) is based in Italy. He began his photographic career with local newpapers in his native Italian region. In 2003 he began working freelance for publications such as the Out of Focus Magazine, Photojournale , Private Magazine, The Australian, Bite Magazine, Visura Magazine, Social DocumentaryMagazine, Corriere della Sera, and PeaceReporter Magazine. He cooperates with News International and A.N.S.A. During career he has photographed International stories in Albania, Kosovo, India, Chernobyl, Belarus, Bangladesh, Italy, Vietnam and Australia, as well as the war of camorra in Naples and earthquake in Aquila in 2009. His Chernobyl work was published in book Connections Across A Human Planet of Photojournale.

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Erik Messori | The Silence Of Chernobyl

he most terrible technological accident of human history knows: Chernobyl, once an unknown place in the rich land of the Ukraine. Now a single chilling word that still casts a dark shadow of death and contamination. Twenty-five years after the disaster that struck Europe, the tragedy continues. Many people live...