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The Unspoken Emotions

It’s extremely difficult to explain such feelings as loneliness, sorrow, fragility, downfall, and abashment. They reside deep within the human soul, intertwined like the threads of a complex tapestry, each emotion leaving its mark. These poignant sentiments are captured in frozen moments of time.

Loneliness, August, 2021

A vast salt lake stretches out to the horizon. Its desolate expanse mirrors the ache of loneliness. The isolation is palpable, the silence deafening. Mighty tree lies fallen, its colossal trunk bearing a gaping hole. Life once vibrant and full of grandeur, now reduced to fragmented remnants.

Fragility, August, 2022

Football goal evokes a profound sense of downfall, as if the dreams and aspirations that once soared high have now been extinguished – a solitary testament to faded glory and forgotten triumphs.An abandoned building expose the vulnerability of human endeavors, reminding of the transient nature of power and pride. The tree’s branches reach out like outstretched arms, seeking support and understanding that is no longer there.

Sorrow, August, 2022

These emotions are intricately woven into the fabric of our existence. Loneliness, sorrow, fragility, downfall, and abashment are part of the human condition, experienced by each of us in our own unique way.

Downfall, Febrary, 2023
Abashment, November,2022
Unbearable heaviness, June,2022
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