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Do not lock children in their loneliness!



With this series of pictures, I wanted to show the loneliness of children. Closure in their problems, hopes and expectations. I would like this photo story to sound like an appeal to adults and parents: “Do not lock children in their loneliness!”.

In the modern world of technology, children often of their own free will, distance themselves from each other and from their parents. At the same time, the need for lively, sincere, warm communication does not disappear. The result is children’s mental loneliness, tears and complaints that there are no friends. We, adults, must help our children to open up, to understand who they are and what they want to achieve in life. Who to become and with whom to share the path of life. Free from loneliness, if it has already appeared in the child’s life. How frightening it is to see in the eyes of a small person a great, suffocating loneliness.

The girl in the photo is a collective image of a lonely, abandoned, locked child. She rushes around the room, trying on different roles. Sad, looking for a way out, asking for help. A doll is in her hands. Who is this doll, the only friend, or a comrade in loneliness? It is gloomy in the room where the girl and the doll are. The same as in the soul of the girl…

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Maria Bartosh

My name is Maria Bartosz. I am 35 years old. I am very passionate about photography. But I’m not doing it professionally yet. I am at the beginning of my career.

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