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Ekaterina Soloveva

I'm an art photographer. I took up photography as an adult. The range of my interests lies in such topics as memory, historical heritage and identity.

The Unspoken Emotions

It’s extremely difficult to explain such feelings as loneliness, sorrow, fragility, downfall, and abashment. They reside deep within the human…



When I was 7 years old, I suddenly decided to train my willpower by eating salt. I didn't know anything…


(In)visible borderlines around us

#Ukraine • Sometimes ago I met a person with borderline disorder. This meeting totally impacted me and initiated my thinking…


Existence and Life in Kirovsk

One-industry towns have a special atmosphere. It is especially noticeable in winter, when the city is at the mercy of…


Something fading

The story about a small dovecote in one Moscow district. “I come here like to a church. I see my…


Between earth and sky

Amount of abandoned villages in Russia increases from year to year.

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