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Pognana Lario – The Secrets of Lake Como

Pognana Lario


There is a wonderful place, perched on the mountains above Lake Como. A necklace of villages, connected by ancient roads and paths, made of stone and wood, with and incredible scenario in front of them. Here, lake and mountains come together in an unique experience, made of an historic, rural charm, and the grandeur of the immense scenario of the lake basin.

Walking the ancient stone paths between villages, the same “Via Regia”  crossed by Pope Urbano II in 1095, is an astonishing experience. The view on the lake, in the clear winter light, is a pure joy for the eyes, and entering the narrow street of the villages, with their medieval passages under the houses, or stopping near the stone churches with ancient paintings, it’s reconnecting with our past and history with a single, intimate line.

Here the nature benefits from the lake influence on climate, with olive trees, flowers, and green meadows even in the middle of winter. The smell of grass, wood, smoke and moss are mixed in the air, and the silence recall ancient times when the Lake Como was a place of passage, legends and mystery.

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Alessandro Calzolaro

Travel and exploration photographer, with a passion for rural areas, hidden places, art and historic places.

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