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Red giant

Red giant

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. To my surprise, many of the windows are intact.

If I were a tour guide, I would definitely take my groups to the Red Triangle. If you are tired of typical walks along the rivers and canals of the Northern capital, you have already visited the Hermitage and the Russian Museum several times, and the fountains in Peterhof no longer work, and you do not have money for it. Then I would advise you to visit this unusual and interesting place.

First of all, I would start with the fact that the area of this plant is 34 hectares. This is clearly not a 2-hour hike.

Secondly, this plant has its own interesting history, which also requires close attention. This is the first company that specialized in the production of rubber products. And its history began as early as 1860, when Ferdinand Krauskopf established the Partnership of Russian-American rubber manufactory. Then in 1918 the plant was renamed “Red triangle”. In 1932, he started producing synthetic rubber and produced it until 2000, when the company went bankrupt. Since then, the Red giant has been in a deplorable state. I think that history lovers will be interested in these historical facts.

Thirdly, many people found out about this place after shooting the famous film “Stalingrad” by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Some of the decorations are still there. We also shot many different music videos. Therefore, this place is famous not only for its history, size and majestic beauty of the red walls.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. Inner court.

Well, in conclusion. The “Red triangle” is located almost in the center, near the metro station “Narvskaya”, on the Obvodny Channel.

It’s not difficult to get here, even for me, who have never visited such places, it was easy to get inside. The main thing is not to get lost. I was there on weekdays and in the 6 times I was there, I only once met two guys who tried to climb on the roof, but they were harmless. We even managed to communicate, but we could not get to the roof. Therefore, in the daytime, the contingent is not dangerous. Although I was not alone, but still two girls photographers were a little scared without the accompaniment of some strong guy. You never know. But all these fears and concerns are worth it. Just look at this historical giant from the last floors, look at the courtyard, then immediately fear goes into the background. You just admire this architectural ensemble of the last century. This is a Paradise for photographers and models. You can implement many different ideas here. But the feeling is twofold. On the one hand, you admire the size of this giant, and on the other hand, you see the devastation. In my opinion, everyone who lives in St. Petersburg should visit this place. At least to make great photos and put a check mark in the list of interesting attractions.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. One of the workshops.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. You can see a lot of graffiti on the entire territory.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. This factory is an endless maze. It’s very easy to get lost here.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. Unfortunately, there are also many landfills.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. There were attempts to climb on the roof, but they were not successful.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. It is not surprising that many videos and movies were shot here.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. I would advise all lovers of photography to come here.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. But I want to say only one thing: there was always a sense of danger.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. This place is unique, and there are no such places in Russia anymore.

Russia, Saint Petersburg – October 2018. There are still old magazines here. For example, this one in 1998.

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