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Ethereal Life

Floating Life in Seclusion



Floating life is like a dream, like hope, like a shadow, and like dust.

The once existing ideas flicker and disappear gradually, and the hidden and constantly generated true ideas existing in the heart are sprouting with the sense of being. Only with the heart and eyes can we copy and record those natural flowing truths. The hidden or perceptible world is expected to be discovered, and the brush of photography is used to match, while the mind is used to collide. It is no longer a simple expression, not a simple expression of emotion, but the mutual gaze and care between the heart and the world. Although this idea is an extravagant idea, it may never be reached, only by constantly experiencing and approaching.

I remind myself, by recording the once ordinary and the travel of emotion, haunting memories, and those deep and shallow imprints engraved in the bottom of my heart, which are somtimes subtle and romantic, but sometimes silent and dim.

I wish to pursue the essence of the world, thus awakening the mind. “Floating Life in Seclusion” should be a long-term project, which is ceaseless and may be increased or decreased, in a kind of unfinished state.

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Yongning Qian

Born in Shanghai in November 1968, Associate professor, Shanghai University of Engineering Science College of Art and Design, Member of Shanghai Artists Association. In recent years, photography “Chinese Photographer” magazine "Chinese Art" and other periodicals column introduced and a number of photography, paintings collected by the museum and the community.

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