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Vertebrae: a book of abandoned buildings and bodies

Step into the eerie landscapes of forgotten places and witness the silent tales of abandonment unfold before your eyes. “Vertebrae” is not just a book; it is a visual and literary journey through industrial remnants and military echoes.

The photographs capture the essence of desolation—bodies entangled in wires, barks resurfacing through the decay, and walls stripped bare of their stories. Each image is a frozen moment, a testament to the vulnerability of time.

Accompanying these captivating visuals is a delicate narrative thread woven with prose and poetry. These texts serve as the voice of the abandoned, articulating the words embedded in every rusted beam and shattered window.

“Vertebrae” is more than a documentation of decay; it’s an exploration of the beauty hidden within the forsaken. It invites readers to reflect on the transience of existence, the stories etched into forgotten corners, and the melancholic allure of places left behind. In this fusion of imagery and words, past and present stands as a witness to the relentless method behind creation and decay. – Beatrice Hogan

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Federico Federici

Federico Federici is a physicist, translator and writer. His works have appeared in «Jahrbuch Der Lyrik 2019», «Raum», «Sand», «Trafika Europe», «Magma» and others.… More »

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