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Codex Sardinia

Sheep breeding is one of the most practiced trades in Sardinia

Codex Sardinia is a photographic project, in progress, that wants to tell about current Sardinia.
It does this by trying to propose a photographic language that deviates from the classic photographic canons to which the “social” have accustomed us, a language that can be traced back to “street photography”, precisely because it is a photograph that tells the everyday in all its facets .

It then tells of a Sardinia that is still strongly linked to popular traditions, traditions that still today are deeply rooted in the multiform manifestations that characterize the Sardinian culture, but not only.

From the Carnival events with its typical masks, to the traditional manifestations of traditional clothes, through the various religious events, up to the everyday life, the author intends to offer a portrait of a land where customs are an “intangible” heritage that makes Sardinia unique.

The preparation of pork liver to be roasted
The preparation of the typical Sardinian bread, called “Carasau”
Boes and Merdùles, typical mask from Ottana
A phase of the preparation of a typical mask of Sardinia
A parade of traditional masks
Traditional dress of Orgosolo, a town in the internal area of ​​Sardinia
A girl in traditional clothes
A man plays a typical Sardinian instrument, built with reeds
During rural religious festivals several families move to the typical houses near the sanctuary, called “Muristenes”
In Sardinia religious processions are always accompanied by horses
The Holy Week in Sardinia is deeply felt. Here a phase of the holy week of Cuglieri, a town on the west coast of Sardinia
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Umberto Fara

My passion for photography is old and i try my hand at first in landscape photography and I continue my training with the reportage… More »

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