The Hand of purity

The Hand of purity

During the pandemic low economic people don’t have much work. This man Called Salam who is repairing rickshaw for 30 years. Past he worked in a rod factory but one day he lost his finger in when he was cutting rods. After that he bacame the doctor of rickshaws. He raised his three sons by this  income. But during this lockdown they all have no work. So he open his shop everday but hardly gets any customer. So he pass his whole time by sitting in front of his shop and living his life with sorrow and suffering.

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Sayem Hasan

I am Sayem Hasan.I am a Student.Photography is my passion.I took photos with my Mobile Phone.I always try to show the situation of low economic peopl. They suffer but there is no one to hear their voices.I think it’s my duty to reflect their condition through my photos.

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