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Photo book


 Photo Book, AFTER MEANING #1 by Gianluca Ceccarini Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 56 | Size: 21x29,7 cm | Volume Price: 10,00€  |  Book's webpage Publisher: Self Publish Fanzine © G. Ceccarini, 2019 AFTER MEANING #1  “After meaning” is my ongoing autobiographical, fragmented and imaginative photo diary inspired by the interpretative...



2017 March, INHABITANTS, featured www.phasesmag.com/andrea-buzzichelli/inhabitants/ 2017 March, INHABITANTS published on FISHEYE MAGAZINE www.fisheyemagazine.fr/portfolio

Photo exhibition

Internat, di Carolyn Drake in mostra a Roma

 Photo exhibition  Internat, di Carolyn Drake in mostra a Roma Officine Fotografiche Roma  Inaugurazione 15 febbraio ore 19.00 - Visita guidata con la curatrice 16 febbraio ore 11.00 - La mostra rimane aperta dal 18 febbraio all’ 8 marzo 2019 - dal Lunedì al Venerdì ore 10.00/13.30 e 15.30/19.30. A partire dal 15...


Vision of collapsing memories

A sense of romantic nostalgia, of freedom, the precious silence and the whispering voices of those times, where we were different men, accompanied me throughout this journey. And they will remain with me forever.

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