Poems to Alzheimer’s

Poems to Alzheimer’s

poems by Carlos Ponce-Melendez

Poem to Alzheimer’s No. 1
I was young, I was happy
I don’t remember why but love may be the reason
Then, life went by, people came and left
Only the brave stayed, or the ones who forgot to leave.

Poem to Alzheimer’s No. 2
It’s not easy to live without friends
People tell me things I don’t understand,
I smile, I pretend, I get annoyed.
Strangers hug me, smile and look at me with a wonder face
I don’t know what to tell them, I don’t want to offend friendly aliens.

Poem to Alzheimer’s No. 3
I used to love her, then I forgot why,
I guess it was something about her eyes,
Brown, deep, always searching for my soul.
I don’t remember her name,
I stopped asking her, but she combs my hair,
I feel her fingers in my head, searching for my being.


Carlos Ponce Melendez

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez poems have appeared in The Dreamcatcher, The Poet, Voices Along the River, Desahogate, Small Brushes, The Texas Observer, El Angel, Celebrate, several anthologies and numerous Spanish magazines. He also teaches creative writing at schools and community centers.

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