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There is no logic in this project, everything is shot at the level of sensations.
It was a very interesting experience. I decided to set myself a very interesting task – every day for a month to take one photo on an emotional state.

There is such a beautiful word – METAMORPHOSIS. It means change, transformation, both internally and externally. Every day I tried to observe my emotional state, tried to hear myself what I want and how I feel. Realizing this, I tried to describe the state in one word, for example: reiteration, memory, contemplation, calm, game, gladness, substitution, devastation, temporary.

And then I went to take a frame. More precisely, I could take a frame at any time, because I carried a camera with me every day. And now the frame is caught, the word invented, it remained to see and to photograph. It was harder than it seemed. I went on business, went to work and from work, I went to visit, I walked in the woods and searched. I was looking through my eyes for something that would fit my emotional state. And so I saw it, everything was compressed inside and I took a shot.
It was very interesting for me to compare images and words describing my condition. At first it was not clear what my mood and how I feel. A week later, it became clearer.

I chose such a visual presentation that there was a picture, and below it a word that describes my condition. So that the viewer sees and feels the same as I do. I arranged the photos in a row, 7 photos, 1 week. And only when I saw all the photographs taken during the month did I realize that my mood very often changes. It changes several times a day.

I realized how emotional I am. I live on the level of sensation. I photograph at the level of sensations. I let everything through me and my feelings. It was a very interesting experience. I want to repeat it somehow. This is only the first series of photos from a large project.

1 week, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019
research, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019
fear, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

2 week, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019
calm, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019
silence between, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

3 week, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

balance, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

gladness, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

4 week, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

devastation, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019
temporary, St. Petersburg, may-june, 2019

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Dasha Raiskaya

Dasha Raiskaya photographer from Russia. Currently lives in St. Petersburg. By education an artist-designer. Since 2014, Dasha has consciously become involved in photography. She… More »

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