Warping Space-time

Warping Space-time

Country Road Warping Southern Illinois June 2016

Warping Space-time is a series of photomontages inspired by ideas expressed in physics that explore the potentials of the concepts of time and three-dimensional space regarded as fused in a four-dimensional continuum. The photomontages visually play with the idea of multiple dimensions and universes, yet to be discovered. Various numbers of layers in each of the photos appear to have been peeled away from the original image, and manipulated in ways that suggest a symbolic warping of space and time. Some of the photomontages started with images of landscapes, and others of people, or structures. After the manipulation, each subject takes on a different symbolic associated with the visualization of the space-time warping. I hope that the viewers of these photomontages will be inspired to think more creatively about the potentials inherent within universe in which we live.

Warping the Ditch Southern Illinois December 2016

Warping St. Mary’s St. Louis Missouri July 2015

Dome Home Warping Southern Illinois August 2016

Warping the Lake Southern Illinois July 2017

Warping the Creek Southern Illinois December 2015

Railway Warping Southern Illinois July 2016

Warping the Highway St. Louis Missouri March 2017

Warping the Fire Southern California September 2017

Warping My House Santa Fe, New Mexico December 2017

Warping the Bridge Taos New Mexico November 2018

Warping Lake Michigan Zeeland, Michigan 2017