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Michael Jantzen

My work is very well known around the world. It has been featured in thousands of articles in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the Web. My work has been shown in many galleries, and on various TV documentaries. It has also been exhibited at the National Building Museum, the Canadian Center for Architecture, the Harvard School of Design and Architecture, the Santa Fe Institute, and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Most of my work merges art, architecture, technology, and sustainable design into one unique experience. Extreme innovation is my goal in everything I create. Most of this innovation has been focused on the re-invention of the built environment, sculpture, and photography.

Segmented Landscapes

A series of manipulated photos that explore ways in which simple alterations can make major and profound differences in the…


Fantasy Lands

Fantasy Lands are a series of photomontages that are meant to inspire stories in the minds of the views about…


Photo Formations

Exploring new ways in which to experience photography.


Fragmenting My World

Fragmenting My World is a series of photomontages inspired by the idea that all matter is not actually solid in…


Warping Space-time

Warping Space-time is a series of photomontages inspired by ideas expressed in physics that explore the potentials of the concepts…


The Walking Houses

A surreal series of photomontages that play with symbolic images of houses equipped with leg like appendages.


Reimagining the Landscape

A series of photomontages that create fanciful, surreal placed that have never been seen before.

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