The Walking Houses

The Walking Houses
1. January 2016 Walking in the Snow.

The Walking Houses is a series of photomontages that metaphorically play with the image of a basic house form, fitted with legs that appear to be moving. Each of the photos depicts one or more Walking Houses that have been placed into various landscapes. Each of the landscapes vary widely, and in every case, the Walking Houses appear to be searching for a place to stop and perhaps become a home, for some lucky house hunter.

The images of the houses were made from digital photos of a three dimensional sculpture. Those images were isolated in a computer, and placed into the different landscapes to form the photomontages.

The hope is that these images will inspire those who encounter them, to create their own stories about how the houses got into those landscapes, and where they might be going next!

2. March 2017 Walking in New Mexico.
3. June 2015 Walking in St. Louis.
4. December 2016 Walking in Utah.
5. July 2017 Walking Through the Parking Lot.
6. August 2018 Walking in Colorado.
7. June 2015 Walking Through The Poppies.
8. July 2016 Walking On The Beach.
9. September 2018 Walking On The Edge.
10. August 2018 Walking in Colorado.
11. October 2015 Walking in the California Hills.
12. March 2018 Walking in a Small Town in New Mexico.