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The invisible islands

The invisible islands
Vagar, Faroe Islands – July 2018. The sunset after a storm.

The Faroe Island, a small archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Norway and Iceland. Independent Country, but under the jurisdiction of Denmark: Faroe has a flag, a language, the Prime Minister and some important ministry; but it can’t decide about foreign affair and it hasn’t an army. A so much small archipelago, that on the globe you can see just some small dots and the words “Faroe Islands”. Its capital, Torshavn, on the travel guides is named like the “smallest capital in the world”.

Torshavn, Faroe Islands – July 2018. The “palace” of the Prime Minister.

In this Country, where the sheeps are much more than humans; where the “Palaces of Authority” in the capital are some small houses of red wood with a grass roof and no policeman to watch around; the most important element is the weather. The wind is often strong, and puts in difficulty the pilots of airplanes in the small airport. And the ocean is often rough, and it’s not possible to use the ferries to go to some small islands, and some villages remain isolated. Sometimes it’s foggy, and it’s impossible to see around us: you can hear the sound of the sea and the voice of the seabirds, but you can see nothing. Some people fall down from the cliffs for the fog.

Runavik, Faroe Islands – July 2018. The sheeps are an important economic activity, together with fish breeding.
Runavik, Faroe Islands – July 2018. The wool of sheep is exported abroad.

Runavik, Faroe Islands – July 2018. The wool of sheep is exported abroad.

Traveling in these islands you can immediately notice the tranquility of the people, and their friendly character, always available to speak with people coming from “out” Faroe…  The rare travel guides write that faroes people is “warmer” than other northern people: apart from this clichè, it’s perhaps true that the isolation for the geographical position and for the bad weather is an important factor about the character of this people, always ready to socialize and to help their neighbor.

Mykines, Faroe Islands – July 2018. Thousands and thousands of seabirds cover the cliff.
Vidareidi, Faroe Islands – July 2018. Fog is coming on a ancient cemetery close the ocean.

Vidareidi, Faroe Islands – July 2018. Fog covers the ocean.

I have verified this: every time that I stopped my car on the roadside to take photos, other drivers stopped to ask me if I need help, if my car is broken. When I said the reason and showed my camera, they gone away smiling. A girl, seeing my camera on the tripod and being sure that my car was ok, said me: “Yes, yes! Faroe is good for pics! Enjoy Faroe!”.

Torshavn, Faroe Islands – July 2018. The love about the sea of the Faroe people: in the cathedral there are models of ancient ships.
Bour, Faroe Islands – July 2018. Sometimes the villages are camouflaged into the landscape…..
Funningur, Faroe Islands – July 2018. ……and sometimes the villages are colored.
Mykines, Faroe Islands – July 2018. On board of ferry to small isle of Mykines.
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  1. Seeing this photessay is like traveling to a place that exists no longer. An ethnographic journey to these misterious islands.

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